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UpWork (oDesk) & Elance Adobe Photoshop CS4 Test Question & Answers

UpWork (oDesk) & Elance Adobe Photoshop CS4 Test Question & Answers are really very important to pass UpWork & Elance test. You will get top score at this skill test exam. If you found any problem or wrong answer please inform me via contact or comments. We will try to solve it in short. This test is extremely valuable to acquire knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Skills. Lets Start test.

Ques : In which frame disposal method does a disposal icon not appear on the frame?
Ans  : When you choose the Automatic method.

Ques : Which of the following photoshop tools can be used to edit an HDR/32-bpc image?
Ans  : All of the above

Ques : Which option in the info panel box displays values in the current color mode of the image as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A

Ques : Which mode in the animation panel shows the frame duration and animation properties for document layers?
Ans  : The Timeline mode

Ques : Which command allows you to use free memory used by the History Panel, or the Clipboard?
Ans  : Purge

Ques : Which of the following types of swatches can be shared between applications? (choosing colors)
Ans  : Solid swatches

Ques : Which of the following information is not retained when a 3D file is opened in photoshop?
Ans  : Textures

Ques : Which color mode supports the Match Color command?
Ans  : RGB

Ques : Which color mode does not support layers?
Ans  :  The Multichannel mode

Ques : Which of the following options will let you use the white balance settings as provided by the camera in the camera raw dialog box as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A

Ques : Which command is used to delete footage in one or more layers and leave a gap of same duration in the timeline mode?
Ans  : Lift Work Area

Ques :Which command would you use to re-link the video layer to the source file?
Ans  :  Replace Footage

Ques : What would you use to insert non-recordable commands into an action?
Ans  : Insert Menu Item Command

Ques : How would you apply a layer style to a background layer?
Ans  : First convert the background layer into a regular layer.

Ques : Which option of Create UV Overlay shows model areas using a solid rendering mode?
Ans  : Wireframe

Ques : Which of the following will list the saved selections when dialog box appears same as shown in the image given above?
Ans  : B

Ques : To change the settings for a command within an action or pauses in an action so that you can specify values in a dialog box, You will use:
Ans  : Modal control

Ques : For previewing which of the following image modes is the 32-Bit Preview option not available?
Ans  : 16 Bit RGB

Ques : Which smart blur mode has been used as shown in the preview in the given image?
Ans  : A

Ques :  Which Quick Mask option sets masked areas to white (transparent) and selected areas to black (opaque) as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A

Ques : To paint or clone on video frames contained by a smart object, you can:
Ans  : insert a new layer above the video frames and paint or clone on the new layer.

Ques : Which slice type will you choose to enter HTML text as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A

Ques : Which Artistic filter is used on picture A to produce picture B as shown in the picture?
Ans  : Plastic Wrap

Ques : The Photoshop Extended Measurement Feature can be used for measuring area selected by the:
Ans  : Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Ques : Which 3D tool is used to rotate the camera around the z-axis?
Ans  : The 3D Roll View tool

Ques : Which type of blending modes is not available for the Apply Image and Calculations commands?
Ans  : Neither a nor b is available

Ques : Which type of the blending mode is supported by layers that use the Fill With Neutral Color option?
Ans  : None of the above

Ques : While using a smudge tool, if the "Sample All Layers" option is selected, how will the smudge tool behave?
Ans  :  It will sample all the visible layers and smudge only the active layer

Ques :  If one step in an action converts an image with a source mode of RGB to a target mode of CMYK, applying this action to an image in Grayscale mode will result in:
Ans  :  the conversion of the source Grayscale image to CMYK

Ques : Which of the following layers affects all the layers below it?
Ans  : The Adjustment layer

Ques : In Paint Mask mode, which area does blue color highlight in the given image?
Ans  : It shows areas where paint will be undersampled.

Ques : When does the 3D Axis appear?
Ans  :  When the 3D tool is selected.

Ques : Which among the labeled buttons in the given diagram will you use to have a changed position attribute apply to all other frames in the active layer in the frame animation mode?
Ans  : A

Ques : Which channel would you choose for grayscale images in the Color Halftone Filter dialog box as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A

Ques : Which condition should be satisfied first to transform video layers?
Ans  : Convert video layers to Smart Objects

Ques : Which file format does Vanishing Point support to preserve the perspective plane information?
Ans  : All of the above

Ques : Which of the following properties of a 3D layer can not be animated?
Ans  : None of the above

Ques : As shown in the image, which option would you select to increase or decrease the tiling for texture?
Ans  : A

Ques : For which type of the following options is Auto Blend Layers available?
Ans  : RGB Images

Ques : Which Interpolation(Tweening) method will you use to animate a visibility of a layer when you want the layer to appear or disappear suddenly across the timeline?
Ans  :  Hold Interpolation

Ques :  The scale styles option is available only when:
Ans  : the Resample Image as well as Constrain Proportions is selected

Ques : Which Auto-Align layers option aligns layers and matches overlapping content without changing the shape of the objects in the image as shown in the picture?
Ans  : B

Ques : Which type of slices has gray symbols as shown in the picture?
Ans  :  Auto slices

Ques : In the given picture, which Reconstruction mode in the Liquify filter scales back distortions uniformly without any kind of smoothing?
Ans  : A

Ques : In the given picture, the Conté Crayon filter(sketch filter) uses the foreground color for:
Ans  :  Dark areas

Ques : In the Save for Web dialog box, when multiple slices using different color tables are selected for saving as gif images, the color table shows up for:
Ans  : the color table does not show up at all

Ques : If there is no background, Deep knocks out to which of the following options as shown in the picture?
Ans  : Deep knocks out to transparency.

Ques : What is the use of the Monochromatic option in the Add Noise dialog box as shown in the picture?
Ans  : It applies the filter to only the tonal elements in the image without changing the colors.

Ques : When is an image flattened?
Ans  : None of the above

Ques :  What will happen if you enter a negative value in the roundness option of a postcrop vignette in the camera raw dialog box as shown in the picture?
Ans  :  A negative value will make the effect more rectangular.

Ques : Which type of layers contains information required for alignment?
Ans  : None of the above

Ques : As shown in the picture, the Mask Incomplete Blocks option in the Extrude Filter dialog box is selected
Ans  :  to hide any object extending beyond the selection.

Ques :  Which option would you choose to set the timeline duration you want to preview in the Animation panel?
Ans  : All of the above

Ques : All of the above
Ans  : A

Ques : When does the Cached Data Warning icon appear in the Histogram panel?
Ans  : When a histogram is read from a cache instead of the current state of the document.

Ques : Which option would you choose to open the HDR color picker dialog box while editing a 32- bpc image?
Ans  : Both a and b.

Ques : The Divide Slice dialog box can not be used to divide:
Ans  : Layer-based slice

Ques : Which action can not be undone?
Ans  : Edit ? Purge ? Histories

Ques : What can you not copy using duplicate command on an image?
Ans  :  Layer masks

Ques : Which command does not convert the pixel edits to a video layer while managing colors in video layers?
Ans  : The Assign Profile

Ques :  Which format can be used to save your camera raw file in Photoshop?
Ans  : JPEG

Ques : You can move Alpha or Spot channels above the default color channels only when the image is in the __________ mode?
Ans  : Multichannel

Ques : Which command cannot be applied to composite channels?
Ans  : Calculations command

Ques :  In All Channels View, the individual histograms do not include:
Ans  : Masks

Ques : Which Texture filter is used on picture A to produce the result of picture B, as shown in the picture?
Ans  : Texturizer

Ques :  Merging of channels is possible only:
Ans  : All of the above.

Ques : Which type of channels is created automatically when you open a new image?
Ans  : Color information channels

Ques : For the type and shape layer, which lock options are selected by default and cannot be deselected as shown in the picture?
Ans  : A and B

Ques : When does white color appear in the histogram and RGB levels in Camera Raw as shown in the picture?
Ans  : When three channels among RGB overlap.

Ques : Which save options are not available in the Batch or Create Droplet commands?
Ans  : Both a and b

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