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UpWork (oDesk) & Elance Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extended Test Question & Answers

UpWork (oDesk) & Elance Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extended Test Question & Answers are really very important to pass UpWork & Elance test. You will get top score at this skill test exam. If you found any problem or wrong answer please inform me via contact or comments. We will try to solve it in short. This test is extremely valuable to acquire knowledge of this skill. Lets Start test.

Ques : Which of the following options will help you make the object movement stationary along with the grid movement in the active Vanishing Plane dialog box?
Ans  : Move All Objects

Ques : Which option under the Envelope Distort command in the Object menu would you use to get the result shown in figure B from the original figure A?
Ans  : Make With Top Object

Ques : Which option gives you the result shown in the image above while using the Envelope Distort command in the Object menu?
Ans  : Make with Warp

Ques : Identify the Draw Normal drawing mode out of the three drawing modes, marked as A, B and C, in image above.
Ans  : A

Ques : The ___________________option in the Define Perspective Grid dialog box is enabled when you select the three-point perspective.
Ans  :  Third Vanishing Point

Ques : Identify the tools shown in the image above.
Ans  : Perspective Grid Tool, Perspective Selection Tool

Ques : Any change in the stacking order of the attributes in the Appearance panel does NOT affect the visual look of the object.
Ans  : True

Ques :  The higher value of the Fidelity option of the Pencil tool options makes ______________ and less ____________ paths.
Ans  : smoother, complex

Ques : The Crop Marks option in the Effect menu is a raster effect.
Ans  : False

Ques : The pointer in the Perspective Grid tool changes according to the selection of the plane.
Ans  : True

Ques : Which option of Smart Guides identifies the anchor points and paths as you hover your mouse over them?
Ans  : Anchor/Path Labels

Ques : The ____________________option applies a fill to pencil strokes drawn by you.
Ans  :  Fill New Pencil Strokes

Ques : The ___________________option in the Define Perspective Grid dialog box determines the positions of the left and right vanishing points from the observer.
Ans  : Viewing Angle

Ques : What does the letter "B" indicate in the image above?
Ans  :  No Active Grid Plane

Ques : The _______________________option of the Envelope Options specifies how precisely you want the object to fit the envelope mold.
Ans  : Fidelity

Ques : What is the icon shown above called, as found under the Control panel of the Pen tool?
Ans  :  Isolate Selected Object

Ques :  Which of the following tools CANNOT be used with the Perspective Grid tool?
Ans  : Polar Grid Tool

Ques : What does the Decay option of the Spiral tool do?
Ans  :  It specifies the amount by which each wind of the spiral should decrease relative to the previous wind.

Ques :  Negative value for the slope of an arc creates a concave slope.
Ans  : True

Ques :Why do we use the Appearance panel?
Ans  :  To view and adjust the appearance attributes of an object, group, or layer.

Ques : Which of the following Pathfinder effects are available on the Pathfinder panel?
Ans  :  All of the above

Ques : _____________________ modifies an object or layer permanently.
Ans  : Filter

Ques : A path is made up of one or more _____________or _______________.
Ans  : straight, curved segments

Ques : The anchor points of the connecting segments display__________________ .
Ans  :  direction lines

Ques : Perspective Grid automatically adjusts the_____________________________ to match the height of the top face of the cube with automatic plane positioning on.
Ans  :  Horizontal grid plane

Ques : Symbols can be reused in a document.
Ans  : True

Ques : The ______________________ option, in the Object Mosaic dialog box under the Object menu, makes the tiles square, using the number of tiles specified in Number Of Tiles.
Ans  : Use Ratio

Ques : Which of the following tools performs different tasks related to symbols?
Ans  : Symbol Shifter tool

Ques : The Blend tool command lets you create blends, which are a series of intermediate objects and colors between two or more selected objects.
Ans  : True

Ques : Which option in the FXG dialog box gives you better re-editability when you import FXG files in Illustrator?
Ans  : Save Illustrator Private Data

Ques : ____________________ effects generate pixels, whereas _______________________determines how transparent areas of the vector graphic are converted to pixels.
Ans  :  Raster, Background

Ques :  A scaled symbol may not produce crisp paths although it is pixel-aligned by property.
Ans  : True

Ques : Which option lets you choose between already defined dimensions in the Artboards Options dialog box?
Ans  :  Presets

Ques : What does the icon, shown in the image above, indicate as it appears in the Layers panel?
Ans  : It indicates that the item is targeted and has appearance attributes.

Ques :  ____________________ lets you combine multiple objects and specify how you want each object to interact with the other objects.
Ans  : Compound shapes

Ques :  Adobe Illustrator allows creating multiple grids in a document.
Ans  : False

Ques : It is possible to share your computer screen, send chat messages, and communicate with ConnectNow in Adobe Illustrator.
Ans  : True

Ques : Which option will you choose in the Shape Builder tool dialog box to convert an open path into a region?
Ans  : Consider Open Filled Paths as Closed

Ques : The Transform Again command in the Object menu allows you to repeat a move, scale, rotate, reflect, or shear operation in the same proportions till you perform a different proportion.
Ans  : True

Ques : A symbol set is a group of symbol instances that you create with the Symbol Sprayer tool.
Ans  :   True

Ques : The__________________ option of the Polar Grid tool specifies the number of circular concentric dividers you want to appear in the grid.
Ans  : Concentric Dividers

Ques :What does it indicate when the cursor changes its shape, to that shown in the image above, while using pen tool?
Ans  : It indicates that the pointer is positioned correctly to close the path.

Ques : The_________________________ creates flare objects with a bright center, a halo, and rays and rings.
Ans  : Flare tool

Ques : You can transform graphs, guides, or linked objects using envelopes.
Ans  : False

Ques : Nonzero winding fill rule is the default rule to determine if a point is outside or inside a shape.
Ans  : True

Ques : ____________________ effects sharply define a selection by clumping pixels of similar color values.
Ans  : Pixelate

Ques : Identify the points highlighted in the image above.
Ans  : Station Point, Changed Ruler Origin

Ques : The Transform Both option in the Transform panel lets you transform the pattern along with the object.
Ans  : False

Ques : How many types of Perspective Grid Presets are there in Adobe Illustrator and can we add new presets in it?
Ans  :  3, Yes

Ques : Identify the option circled in red in the image above.
Ans  :  Place Symbol Instance

Ques :   The _________________________attribute of the Perspective Grid determines the grid cell size.
Ans  : Gridline every

Ques : How does checking the "Align New Objects to Pixel Grid" option, highlighted in red in the image above, affect the new objects drawn by you?
Ans  : It enables an object to have its vertical and horizontal paths aligned to the pixel grid.

Ques : What is the tool shown in the image above called and what does it do?
Ans  : Group Selection tool; selects objects and groups within groups.

Ques :  Which of the following arranges multiple artboards in a single row?
Ans  :  Arrange by Row

Ques : Stylize effect adds XML-based graphic properties such as drop shadows to your artwork.
Ans  : True

Ques : Which of the following acts as a cookie cutter or stencil, using a selected object to cut through other objects, discarding the original selection?
Ans  : Divide Objects Below command

Ques :  What does the Edit Artboards option, outlined in red in the image above, do?
Ans  : It closes the Document Setup dialog box and activates the Artboard tool.

Ques : Only artboards can have rulers.
Ans  : True

Ques : Extruding and Revolving are the two ways to convert 2-dimensional objects into 3-dimensional objects.
Ans  : True

Ques : What does the toggle option on the Control panel of artboard, shown in the image above, allows you to do when it is in an active state?
Ans  : It copies the artboard with the artwork.

Ques : FXG does not provide mapping for Drop Shadow, Inner/Outer Glow, and Blur
Ans  : False

Ques :  Artboards specify the printable boundaries of artwork, whereas crop marks don't affect the printed area.
Ans  : True

Ques : The 9-slice scaling grid is visible only in isolation mode and you can scale the content of each grid independently.
Ans  :True

Ques : Which option in the stylize sub-menu of the Effect menu controls the amount the scribble lines curve before they reverse direction?
Ans  : Curviness

Ques :On the graphics tablet that can detect how close to vertical the pen is, the ___________ option of the Eraser tool varies in angle, roundness, or diameter based on the pressure of a drawing stylus.
Ans  : Bearing

Ques : ______________________ display guidelines that are generated along the center and edges of geometric objects, while __________________________display guidelines as you draw new objects.
Ans  : Alignment Guides, Construction Guides

Ques : Which option in the Control panel of the Pen tool converts an edge point into a smooth curve?
Ans  : Convert Selected Anchor Points to Smooth

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