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UpWork (oDesk) & Elance MS-Access Test Question & Answers

UpWork (oDesk) & Elance MS-Access Test Question & Answers are really very important to pass UpWork & Elance test. You will get top score at this skill test exam. If you found any problem or wrong answer please inform me via contact or comments. We will try to solve it in short. This test is extremely valuable to acquire knowledge of this skill. Lets Start test.

Ques: To ensure a value no greater than 30 is entered into a field you would use:
Ans: A validation rule

Ques: The action of typing a record into a database is:
Ans: Data entry

Ques: Why use a database instead of a spreadsheet?
Ans:  Multiple data from various tables are needed.

Ques:  What is a form?
Ans: An Access object where you can enter, edit or display data from a table or query

Ques: Which query can you delete records?
Ans:  Delete Query

Ques: Can a primary key be used as a non-primary key in another table?
Ans:  Yes

Ques: Microsoft Access does not offer parameterized queries.
Ans: False

Ques: Before you split a database, you should:
Ans: Back up the database file

Ques: True or False: You can import an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table.
Ans:  True

Ques: What would Format("210.6", "#,##0.00") return?
Ans:  210.60

Ques: How to you ensure that a field is filled out properly?
Ans: Use a validation rule.

Ques: What is a data type?
Ans: It determines the kind of values users can store in a field

Ques: What happens when you freeze a column?
Ans: It prevents the column from moving positions

Ques: What is a purpose of a report?
Ans: To represent data in a more aesthetic, professional manner

Ques: What would Format("1267.5", "Currency") return?
Ans: $1,267.50

Ques: True or False: You use an AutoNumber data type when you want unique numeric values to be created automatically by Access when you create a record.
Ans: True

Ques:  Which one of these is not a valid database relationship?
Ans: many-to-pair

Ques: What is a drop down list?
Ans:  A way to have a user select from list of values in a table or form.

Ques:  An Access file can import:
Ans: All of these

Ques: Of these, which can comparison operator symbols be applied to?
Ans:  All of these

Ques:   Of these, what could be the purpose for splitting a database?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: How do you sort data in order?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: What kind of relationships can you do in a database?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: How do you save a file?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: When you press the Tab key, which way does the insertion point go?
Ans:   The adjacent field

Ques:  What is a primary key?
Ans: It uniquely identifies each record in a table.

Ques: True or False: You cannot assign a Macro to a Command Button.
Ans:  False

Ques: What is a caption?
Ans: The label for a field when used on a form.

Ques: On the ribbon with the Window tools, how can you view opened queries, tables, and reports?
Ans: All of these

Ques: Can relationships be between primary keys and non-primary keys?
Ans: Yes

Ques:  Where in an Access window can you search for a specific record?

Ans: 2 of these are correct

Ques: Which of these would be a proper way to type a parameter?
Ans: [Where was this shipped to?]

Ques: Why should you enter sample data in tables after creating them?
Ans: To check for potential data maintenance problems

Ques: Name the object that is linked to a table that is used to enter data?
Ans: Form

Ques: What language is used to extend and automate MS Access?
Ans: Visual Basic for Applications

Ques: Which two objects can a report object be based on?
Ans: Table and Query

Ques:When you use the Max function, you are searching for...
Ans: The largest value in a field

Ques: The Input Mask Wizard is used to....
Ans:  Format data being entered into a table

Ques: What type of query is used to show data but that does not alter data on the table?
Ans: Select

Ques: Where can you find the # of results in a Query?
Ans:  Lower left of the screen

Ques: What are relationships for?
Ans: To ensure referential integrity

Ques: What are the 3 buttons for sorting data?
Ans: Ascending, descending, clear all sorts

Ques: How does changing the appearance of a datasheet affect the underlying table structure?
Ans:  It does not change the structure

Ques: Before deleting a query object in your database you need to check whether any report objects are based on it. How do you do this?
Ans:  Use the Object Dependencies Task Pane

Ques: Choose the correct criteria to enter when prompting a user for the Customer Name in a
Ans: [Enter the Customer Name]
Ques: An Input Mask is:

A data pattern which dictates how users can enter data into a field
Ques: Which of these is not a valid aggregate function for a query search?
Ans: Quo

Ques: When you run a query to find records in related tables, Access, by default, uses... an Inner Join
Ans: an Inner Join

Ques:  Can you modify information while viewing a report?
Ans :  No, you can only view information with a report

Ques: The Following statements are all true except:
Ans: You can only have one criterion per line in the design grid

Ques: What does DAO stand for?
Ans: Data Access Object

Ques: What does DAO stand for?
Ans: Data Access Objects

Ques: How do you move to the last record in a table?
Ans: All are correct

Ques: What is an example of a comparison operator symbol?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: You wish to filter data on a report before printing without changing the design of the report. How do you do this?
Ans: In Layout view, select the Home Tab and click Filter, uncheck the Select All check box, and check the values you want to filter on

Ques: What does a group header or group footer do?
Ans:  Displays the field label of grouped data on the top or bottom of a report

Ques: Datasheet views are different from continuous forms in very subtle ways. Which of the following statement is false?
Ans: Datasheet Views cannot have code modules associated with them.

Ques: To adjust the length of fields in a report while displaying data you would use:
Ans:  Layout View

Ques: Which of these can you apply conditional formating to?
Ans: Form

Ques:  To query two tables that are unrelated you:
Ans: Create a junction table which contains fields common to both tables

Ques: You are creating a Macro and you require the SetValue Action, but it does not exist.  What do you do?
Ans: Click the Macro Tools Design Tab and choose "Show all Actions" from the Ribbon

Ques: What is typically displayed on a Relationship Report?
Ans: The current date and database name

Ques: What would StrConv("Tech on the Net", 3) return?
Ans: Tech On The Net

Ques: You need to create a lookup field where more than one option can be chosen.  Where would you do this?
Ans: In the Lookup Wizard check "Allow Multiple Values"

Ques:  In the design view of a make table query the destination table name is displayed:
Ans: In the propery sheet with selection type query properties.

Ques: When you open an Access Form, what is the second event that fires?
Ans: On Load

Ques: Field selectors are located..
Ans: at the top of a table

Ques: Access 2007/2010 theoretically allows how many concurrent users accessing the same .accdb database file?
Ans:  255

Ques: The report header displays on:
Ans:  The first page only

Ques:  Which of the following is not included in the Access Built-In Functions for SQL Aggregate
Ans: Median(«expression»)

Ques: What is the "iif" function named?
Ans: Immediate If

Ques: What does ADO stand for?
Ans: ActiveX Data Objects

Ques: Which of the following Access 2010 macro actions does not require you to select "Show All Actions" in order to use it in Macro Design?
Ans:  RunCode

Ques:  A calculated control is one form that uses an expression to generate the data value for the master key of a table
Ans:  False

Ques: "Yes/No" answers in Access are commonly stored as:
Ans:  0 or -1

Ques: When you move between records on an Access Form, which one of the following events fires?
Ans: On Current

Ques: Which of the following is NOT a type of query in Access?
Ans: CrossSelect

Ques:  What is the maximum size of Microsoft Access 2010 database file?
Ans:  2 GB, minus the space needed for system objects

Ques: When do you use the Lookup Wizard?
Ans:  You want to lookup the value of a field from another table or create a list of values to choose from

Ques: Which of the following helps to study the information in a table and then make changes to streamline the data?
Ans: Table Analyzer Wizard

Ques: In a loop that begins with "Do Until rs.EOF = True", what problem occurs if you omit "rs.movenext"?
Ans:  The code continues executing but Access appears to hang.

Ques:  You require a form control that provides a text box to which a drop-down list is attached.  Users can either type a value directly into the text box or select from the list of choices available. Which control will you choose?
Ans: Combo Box contro

Ques: What would Mid("Alphabet", 3, 10) return?
Ans:  phabet

Ques: Each sales person has many customers.  Each customer can have many orders.  In building a query for how much in sales a salesperson is generating, what kind of relationship will exist between customer and orders?
Ans: One-to-many

Ques:  What would Replace("alphabet", "bet", "hydro") return?
Ans:  alphahydro

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