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Odesk Internet Marketing Test Answers 2013

oDesk Internet Marketing Test Answers 2013

This is an effective advance test you should take for you to bid at the oDesk Job Market.  Below are list of questions and answers. This site is for oDesk Success Guides and Tips, oDesk Sample Tests and Answers and Freelance Jobs Success Info. Here is also available all kinds of results & services of Bangladesh.Here is a latest oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013. Please read be familiar with sample questions.

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1. Why would a company possibly want so spend more on PPC early on?

Ans: to drive traffic to their site and increase awarensess

2. Why is affiliate marketing a fovorable form of marketing

Ans: it gurantees increased sales

3. What is meant by “niche marketing”

Ans: targeting a broad based group of people

4. How can a poducast be used to brive customers to a website

Ans: by telling the listeners that they need your product

5. What is cost per coustomer acquisition

Ans: the amount a company pays a customer to try their product

6. How can supplemental materials be delivered to the poducast listener

Ans: the istener must pay for any additional materials

7. What is a value proposition

Ans: the pricing of the product

8. How important is content on a site when optimizing it

Ans: it is the only thing which creates a higher ranking in search engines
9. Which of the following would not be effective in headline writing

Ans: using small words which take up space and do not add value

10. What should a company do once it achieves its search engine ranking goals

Ans: sell advertising on their site

11. Way would a firm employ guerrilla web marketing

Ans: it gives the firm more control over its marketing budet

12. What is meant by “whit hat”

Ans: When marketers show up for work wearing white hats

13. Why are purchased email lists typically ineffective

Ans: they make up fake email to sell

14. Why has web marketing become a popular form of marketing

Ans:it has been heavily advertised

15. What is one unfavourable trait sometimes seen in affiliate marketing

Ans: it brings additional traffic to a site

16. If marketing is relatively easy to do online

Ans: Hired experts can drive the best results of campaigns and help guide the company in its marketing

17. What is a secondary reason to actively maintain a company blog. Besides giving potential customers something to read

Ans: it impresses clients

18. What is the purpose of a traditional press release

Ans: it target markets to internet users

19. What is the purpose of sending a monthly newsletter

Ans: it gives people a chance to opt out of ever talking to your company again

20. What is meant by guerrilla marketing

Ans: Using resources such as time, energy and imagination rather than money to market

21. What is an auto-responder

Ans: a method of direction communication with clients

22. Why si it important to fine tune the timing of the ad and keywords used
Ans: to carefully target the customer base desired, not wasting impressions and clicks

23. What is the “active voice” style of writing ads

Ans: writing in the third person

24. What is double opt in process

Ans: someone must ask to be on your email list. And then verity by clicking a link they want to be on it

25. How do listeners decide what is a worthwhile podcast to continually listen to

Ans: having several hosts and a myriad of topics

26. Why is the subject line of any email compaingn important

Ans: it is all the receiver sees besides the email address until they open the email

27. How is “open rat” important

Ans: it lets the company know how many people bought a product

28. Why are affiliates not the same as having a sales force

Ans: The affiliates have limited availability

29. How is the pricing model of a click determined

Ans: google sets the price worldwide

30. What is the formula for calculating cost per customer acquisition

Ans: total marketing budget for aspecific period divided by the number of new customers for that same period

31. How much woulad a company pay for the given example: ad displays 20 times. 2 users click the ad. Cost per click is 5 cents

Ans: 10 cents

32. What is “cost per action ”

Ans: a payment agreement where a specific action creates a payable event for the affiliate. Such as a click a purchase. Number of page views

33. What is an “impression”

Ans: when an ad is cliced on

34. Which of the following is valuable in increasing a page rank

Ans: quantity of links from other highly ranked pages to your site

35. What is meant by”web 2.0”

Ans: internet companies who focus on retail sales

36. What is affiliate marketing

Ans: when a 3rd party helps market your business. And in turn your pay them a commission based on sales as aresult of their efforts

37. Which of the following are podcasts least likely to target

Ans: sales

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